Dianne DeLongchamps

Hi, I'm Dianne ! 

I've been an entrepreneur for twenty years, and love helping women step into entrepreneurship and create successful online businesses, so that they can do more of the things they enjoy with the people they love. 

Blessed with two global business, I'm passionate about helping women do things differently to reach their goals as entrepreneurs. 

I'm the creator of Elegant Influence: How to grow your business through "solution selling" for women entrepreneurs, and the founder of The Laptop LadyBoss System of Growth, a modernized ad and funnel based approach to team building for network marketers.

About ME

I'm passionate about spending time with family and friends, giving back to my community, and entrepreneurship for women. 

I am a wife of 25 years, and a mom to twin teenagers and two rescue mutts. The great outdoors is my sanctuary, and I love skiing, snow shoeing, hiking, camping, and any water activity you can throw at me! Yoga keeps my head on straight, and sipping an oat milk latte always makes me smile. 

Off the beaten path travel is my jam, and I've been blessed to experience the beauty of 32 different countries with my family of four. 

I've been mentoring and coaching for the past twelve years, and helping women see success in entrepreneurship so they can have a greater impact on their family, their community, and other people's lives. 

I've always believed that if you help others succeed, you will succeed, and I love connecting women with resources that help them create the laptop lifestyle of freedom they dream of! See how I can help you below, and feel free to connect with me via email, in my Facebook group or on social media! 

How to Use "Solution Selling" To Elegantly Influence Prospects To Buy...

Learn how to talk about your business so people understand how you can help them, get excited, and take action with you! This is for women entrepreneurs who feel stuck and are ready a strategy that's different from what you've been doing....a strategy that feels authentic and enables you to connect with the perfect prospects who can benefit from your offer...a strategy that attracts clients who are ready, willing, and able to pay you for your product or service! 

Marketing, branding, and Networking Resources To Help You See Success...

Being an entrepreneur is a lot of work, and the simpler you can make the processes, the more success you will see!  Here are fantastic tools and worksheets that I have used, and my clients have used, to create clear messaging in their marketing, build a powerful brand, learn how to sell without being salesy, and attract a stream of dream clients while designing a business and a life that they love! 

Create An Additional Income, alongside your Current Career, As An Affiliate...

If you're already an entrepreneur, and looking for an additional income stream, or you dream of being an entrepreneur, but not sure how to get started, take a sec and check this out. I work with a phenomenal company that offers a turnkey business giving you everything you need to see success from day one. Plus, you'll join a caring community that gives back, and supports you at every part of your journey!



When I first began with Dianne, I had no clue how to attract customers or leverage my product. I struggled because I felt icky pushing and selling, and quite frankly, was not good at it. 

Dianne teaches a unique way of selling that builds trust, likeability, and connections. I replaced my regular selling approach using Dianne’s instruction. Since then I have increased my sales by 33%! 

Dianne is engaging and friendly. Her well-organized presentations, skillful teaching and thoughtful worksheets reveal her expertise. 

My experience was excellent, and I recommend Dianne to anyone who wants to lose the sales hat and attract customers authentically.

Shannon P. - Calgary, Alberta 

Looking for a community of like minded women Home Based Business Owners? 

Women Helping Women See Success is an open online community for ALL women in network marketing who want to be the change this world needs... women who create value, spread sparkle, serve first, put ethics over conversions, and believe with all their heart that by helping others succeed, they will succeed. If that sounds like you, we'd love to have you as part of the family! 

We offer free trainings every week, and you can share your expertise, ask questions, and network! 

Dianne DeLongchamps / Contact:  dianne@diannedelongchamps.com 
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