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Build A Profitable & Growing Crypto Portfolio, Without being an expert, even in a volatile & Uncertain market.
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Watch This Video If you'd like to get a guaranteed daily return on Your Crypto Investment! 
you CAN build guaranteed wealth in the crypto market, and here's how...
The Coinhub AI quantitative trading project is a new type of investment product. For anyone investing in crypto, this is a fantastic alternative to create positive income without volatility. I've been investing in crypto since 2019, and this is the first time I have had a consistent return of 1.8% daily on my investment. 

Coinhub is a subsidiary of Fidelity Fund. Fidelity Fund officially acquired Coinhub through DriveWealth, introducing AI intelligent quantitative trading technology into the field of traditional financial investment and asset management leveraging blockchain technology. 

This AI quantitative transaction is invested through the app of Coinbase Wallet, which is a partnership with Coinbase. Our investment is based on the decentralized Coinbase Wallet. Whether Coinbase Exchange is operating normally or going bankrupt, it cannot interfere with our funds in the decentralized wallet.

The cryptocurrency market has fallen sharply recently, but AI quantitative trading remains profitable using contracts on major crypto exchanges around the world. Contract trading is a two-way transaction through a centralized exchange, which can look at multiple markets and profit from shorting the market, allowing the Coinhub platform to make money no matter what the market is doing. 

Due to various factors, there are differences in currency prices on competing platforms, which creates space for arbitrage. Taking advantage of the price difference between platforms is commonly referred to as “moving bricks” or “spread betting”. The Artificial Intelligence will analyze, judge and integrate the real-time transaction data of the world's major exchanges, creating trades in milliseconds to “buy low” and “sell high”, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, creating a profit margin for its users. 

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Learn about the history of our company.
How would it feel to wake up every morning and know you could pick up profits on your crypto and never worry about losing it all? 
Figuring out when to buy and when to sell your crypto currency these days can be a full time career, and most of us are trying to invest in very part time hours. It can be stressful, emotionally and mentally exhausting, and sometimes financially devastating when the market moves up and down with no rhyme or reason. 

We need a new and simple strategy that's different from what we've been doing....a strategy that guarantees returns, is easy to access, and enables us to share with friends so we can all take advantage of the wealth in the crypto market offers to forward thinkers like you and me

If you've not seen the success you were dreaming of in the crypto currency market, it’s NOT your fault! 

The market is volatile and uncertain, the whales take advantage of resources to manipulate the market, a tweet can send a token plummeting in price, and there is no guarantee that you can wake up one morning completely wiped out. 

That's where the Coinhub-Fidelity Artificial Intelligence Quantitative Trading Platform comes in! Launched in January of 2022, this is the first time anything like this has been available to retail investors!  You can only access this platform through an invitation link from someone you know. (Kind of like Clubhouse!)

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learn how you make Money on The platform, and how to get started. 

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Click HERE for simple step by step instructions to setup your wallet, transfer funds, and gain access to the trading platform.

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Connect With Me to join & get started Successfully

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Contact me via the Telegram App @dbdelongchamps
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 Would you like a way to pick up profits EVERY DAY from your investments?
If you love investing in crypto and believe in the long term value and demand for blockchain technology, but are emotionally and mentally exhausted by the constant volatility of the market and the uncertainty of your portfolio value everyday, the Coinhub - Fidelity AI Quantitative Trading Platform might be the answer you’ve been looking for! 

It allows you to invest at a budget that works for you, into a trading platform that gives you profits every day on your investment, without taking any losses! You can take your money out at any time, and reinvest it, or move it back to your wallet or exchange. It’s totally up to you! 

This might sound too good to be true, but the concept of quantitative trading has been used for years by institutional investors, and is an investment method that uses artificial intelligence technology to conduct transactions. It’s programmed for accuracy and 100% execution rate creating a new operating trend to profit, and outperform the market.

This technology has never been available to individuals before and the only place you can access it is through this program. Coinhub was launched in January of 2022, and is an invitation only investment platform for retail investors, just like you and me, that enables us to earn up to 1.8% PER DAY on our personal investment. 
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Click HERE  To Learn The Different Ways To Earn Income

Click HERE for simple step by step instructions to setup your wallet, transfer funds, and gain access to the trading platform.

Contact me via the Telegram App @dbdelongchamps
To gain access to more resources and team support

I was mentally and emotionally drained by the Volatility in my portfolio, but then I found a simple investment platform that changed everything...
I’ve been investing in crypto currency on several different exchanges since 2019, and have created a multiple six figure portfolio. I’ve ridden the wave up, I’ve ridden the wave down, I’ve ridden it back up, and now I’ve watched it fall again. Crypto is NOT for the faint of heart! There is so much money to be made, but if you don’t time your trades correctly, you can lose it all! 

I knew there had to be a better long term strategy with crypto, because the future of the blockchain network is indisputable, and things are evolving so quickly.  

I was introduced to the Coinhub-Fidelity AI Quantitative Trading Platform by a friend of mine. I’d been looking for a way to create a safety net around my current crypto portfolio, while continuing to invest in a smart way, and turn a significant profit, during the bear market,!

Then I found a simple system that creates consistent daily profit, and eliminates the day to day volatility and stress of the market, allowing anyone, seasoned and brand new investors, to successfully make money in the market.
Hi, I'm Dianne DeLongchamps, and I help individuals create passive income through entrepreneurship and investing. I love helping people create laptop lifestyles that allow time and financial freedom and flexibility, so they can do more of the things they enjoy with the people they love. I am here to help you see success with your investing, so contact me for help! 

Find me on Telegram: @dbdelongchamps 

Fidelity Fund: Creating Coinhub AI intelligent quantitative trading—Leading A New Era Of Global Digital Asset Management

This is not financial advice.
Do your own due diligence.
Only invest a small amount starting out, so you can get comfortable with the program before investing more. 
And as always, in the crypto world, only invest what you can afford to lose.
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